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Do you know your King’s Landing from your Kingsguard, or your wildfire from your wildlings? Can you name all the faces of the God of Seven? If you drink and you know things about Game Of Thrones then enter the trial by combat that is A Quiz Of Ice And Fire.

To celebrate the final season of Game Of Thrones, the brains behind London’s longest-running film quiz, You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat, have put together a cornucopia of delights that will entertain and test even the most knowledgable fan of the TV series. For one night only, the Flamingo Room at O’Neill’s Wardour Street will become a Westerosi Inn. As the cold fog sweeps down from the North we will quiz by candlelight - for the night is dark and full of questions.

The biggest show in TV history deserves the biggest quiz we’ve ever made. Not only can you look forward to the usual You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat creativity - and we’ve even managed to fit in a movie-themed round - we’ve got sticker rounds, bonus questions to get you on your feet, and some on-screen surprises we’re not allowed to mention yet! Though we may reveal some more details as the night of the quiz approaches. The room will be dressed - and so will we. To encourage you to dress up, too, there will be a prize for the best costume.

Hodors open 18:00 • Quills to parchment 19:15 • Walk of shame 22:00
Please note: this quiz contains copious amounts of swearing, nudity, and dragons. And not all from the hosts.

To get you in the mood you can have a preview of our 'Fire' sequence we've put together for the night (to see 'Ice' you'll have to come along!) but be warned, it contains awfully bad language, hideous violence, graphic nudity… and spoilers galore.


Rather than buy individual tickets, you'll need to book a table for your whole team – this will be reserved for you on the night. Table reservations mean we don’t have to worry about fitting everyone in, and you don’t have to worry as much about delays on the Kingsroad. However, it would be advisable to arrive for 7pm at the very latest to give you time to design your own house sigil before teams raise their banners and the combat begins at 7.15pm.

Tables are available in the following sizes:
Large table (8 players max) - SOLD OUT
Medium table (6 players max) - SOLD OUT
Small table (4 players max) - SOLD OUT
Cocktail table (3 players max) - SOLD OUT
Table for 2 - SOLD OUT
Non-main-area table* (up to 4) - SOLD OUT

If there are no tables left that suit your team size, please get in touch and we will do what we can to jig tables around.

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